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Dedicated to Your Health

Sports Massage Offer

50% off Sports Massage for Month of June in City of London and Canary Wharf Clinics. Subject to Availability

Healthplus are sports massage therapists who have an excellent proven track record in treating athletes and individuals with lower back pain, sports injuries, trapped nerves, ligament damage, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain as well as all types of chronic pains and muscular problems.

Sports Massage is a complementary therapy concerned with the assessment and treatment of the body’s soft tissues. Soft tissues include: muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.

A Sports Massage practitioner is trained in the assessment of soft tissue related disorders and the treatment required for effective relief of presenting symptoms or conditions. Following an assessment, the practitioner will manage tissue disorders using various soft tissue techniques; either with a planned programme for injury prevention or, in the case of an acquired injury, rehabilitation to restore soft tissue function.

For sport or other activity Sports Massage can be used to stimulate blood circulation to accelerate the supply of nourishment and oxygen to muscle. The stimulation by massage of the venous and lymphatic systems can also assist in disposal of the metabolic waste that results from activity and can accelerate the recovery period.