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Dedicated to Your Health

Healthplus Clinics are proud to announce that as of late June 2016, we will be providing Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment. Swift Treatment will be provided from all our clinics by our experienced qualified podiatrists.

Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment is the pioneering new microwave therapy for the treatment of hand and feet warts including verrucae. With treatment times in seconds, Swift provides patients an effective, precise and easy way of treating verrucae, warts and plantar warts.

Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose to a pre-determined depth into a verruca or wart. The pre-determined depth is what sets Swift apart from traditional treatments. As microwaves travel to a pre-determined depth, they don’t break the surface of the skin and destroy tissue from the point of application like current treatments such as Cryotherapy, Salicylic Acid or Laser Ablation.

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