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Healthplus Clinics Ltd have monthly offers for current and prospective patients. When an offer includes a new consultation appointment the offer is restricted to new patients. Please make note of our refund policy and offer policy in our Clinic Terms and Conditions before booking or purchasing multiple treatments. All offers are subject to availability and conditions.

FREE APOSTherapy® Consultation!

A FREE IN-DEPTH CONSULTATION with a Chartered Physiotherapist specially trained in AposTherapy® could help you understand the potential causes of your knee pain and the benefits of addressing your walking patterns. A written report is provided without any charge atall. There is absolutely no obligation.

Would you like to know more?

FREE CONSULTATION including an in-depth personalised report.


A thorough consultation, lasting around an hour, with one of our specially-trained Chartered Physiotherapists at a private clinic, could reveal if your knee pain could be reduced without drugs and without surgery. Your consultation, entirely free of charge or obligation could reveal if this treatment is suitable for you. Appointments are available immediately.

APOSTherapy Device

The initial assessment is so important. If it’s clear that AposTherapy® is unlikely to achieve results, you will often find this out during that assessment and you will be informed. But in some cases, patients find out immediately if AposTherapy® may be able to help, by experiencing for themselves, at the end of the consultation, any difference this treatment can make.

You’ll  find out exactly how it works at your free initial consultation where you will actually try the device for yourself. Phone now on 0800 043 7103.

Please quote: SPECIAL OFFERS 21A

Chiropractic Discount on Follow Up Sessions!

Have you considered chiropractic treatment for a back or neck problem?

Healthplus Clinics City of London and Docklands are offering the opportunity to purchase three follow up sessions of chiropractic with your initial consultation for £175 normally £215.

Chiropractic Initial Consultation and First Treatment

  • The chiropractic consultation consists of a full discussion of your presenting complaint including past and current episodes. A discussion of your general health is also taken with an emphasis of reaching your health goals.
  • After understanding your presenting complaint, your chiropractor will use orthopaedic and neurological examination techniques to form a diagnosis and develop objective indicators of improvement from chiropractic treatment.
  • A review of findings from consultation and examination will include your diagnosis and treatment strategy. In certain instances further investigation or referral to a specialist hospital consultant may be required and can be arranged by your chiropractor by letter or email.
  • A chiropractic treatment will be conducted by your chiropractor if further investigation or referral is not required.

Chiropractic Follow Up Consultations and Treatment

  • Your chiropractor will review your presenting complaint and determine progress through an objective neurological and orthopaedic examination.
  • Your personal chiropractor will perform a chiropractic treatment session including rehabilitation using a number of modalities including but not limited to: spinal adjustments, massage, stretching, exercise therapy, trigger point therapy.
  • Any questions or further information about your presenting complaint, health issues, treatment are encouraged at every follow up appointment.

Please quote: SPECIAL OFFERS 22A

Save Money on Sports Massage Block Booking!

Healthplus Clinics provide sports massage therapists who have an excellent proven track record in treating athletes and individuals with lower back pain, sports injuries, trapped nerves, ligament damage, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain as well as all types of chronic pains and muscular problems.

Sports Massage is a complementary therapy concerned with the assessment and treatment of the body’s soft tissues. Soft tissues include: muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia.

Healthplus Sports Massage

Sports massage has been proven to increase a muscles overall performance, and is not only a highly effective tool in the treatment of an injury but research has shown that regular Sports Massage treatments are an important factor in injury prevention.

We offer the option of buying multiple treatments with a small reduction in the price.

5 sessions of physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports therapy, sports massage or osteopathy will receive a 10% reduction.

10 sessions of physiotherapy, chiropractic, sports therapy, sports massage or osteopathy will receive a 15% reduction.

Please make note of our refund policy in our Clinic Terms and Conditions before purchasing multiple treatments. We are able to provide a voucher for either 5 or 10 sessions of Sports Massage should you want to give this to someone for a special occasion.

Please quote: SPECIAL OFFERS 23A

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