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Everyone at work will need to take sick leave at some time during his or her working lives and in most cases this lasts only a few days. Sometimes long term absence cannot be avoided causing devastating effects on business and personal finances. Healthplus Clinics Occupational Health specialise in managing and monitoring psychological and musculoskeletal causes of work based absence.

Occupational HealthThe most common causes of musculoskeletal disorders at work are manual handling, poor positioning in relation to the elements of the workstation and repetitive movements. These will also severely exacerbate a problem acquired elsewhere thus increasing the likelihood of sickness absence.

*In respect to back pain, the longer people are off work the less likely it is they will return. Research shows that after only four to twelve weeks sickness absence, a person’s ability to return to work falls away rapidly. After one to two years absence it is unlikely that an employee will return to any form of work in the foreseeable future, irrespective of further treatment.

Businesses cannot afford to lose staff due to illness or sick leave and employees don’t want to lose their livelihood or quality of life.

Healthplus Clinics Occupational Health offer an occupational psychology service which works with your existing HR legal advisers to ensure that you are fully compliant with your responsibilities under the Equalities Act, Employment Rights Act 1996, Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Regulations) 2004, and the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA),1974.

“The Department of Health and the Confederation of British Industry, using different definitions, estimate that between 15 and 20% of employees will experience some form of mental health difficulty during their working lives, with depression representing the largest percentage of this problem.”

(British Occupational Health Research Foundation report)
As a chartered psychology service, Healthplus Clinics offers a number of services to employers:

  • Psychology Coaching – A 45 minute session helping employees with confidence difficulties in working towards their work related goals and helping them to achieve these goals.
  • Psychometric Testing – A 3 to 6 hour session assessing intelligence, personality functioning, memory, attention, with the view of diagnosing learning disabilities and personality disorder.
  • Occupational Health Report – Psychology reports for managers of employees who request a mental health assessment and recommendations for psychological therapy for its employees.
  • Occupational Group Class – Psychology presentations which teach stress management and resilience in the work place for employees and senior managers.
  • Occupational Presentations – Presentations on identifying anxiety, stress, and depression, for employees and managers.
  • Occupational Consulting – A consultation with the view of assessing psychological difficulties within the workplace and planning a resolution to these difficulties.

Occupational HealthWe provide a number of systems for managing stress and work pressures. By making it easier for employees to access professional help at an early stage more serious stress related illness can be prevented. If you have an employee with mental health issues and aren’t sure how to deal with them, call our Occupational Health experts and they will be happy to advise you.

A wealth of experience in the occupational health has resulted in numerous companies currently benefiting from a cost-effective service. The process of implementation is easy and affordable for all sizes of companies and with our revolutionary proven process of management can bring immediate results.

If further information is requested regarding your case and whether Healthplus Clinics Occupational Health can help, please contact the clinic on 0800 043 7103.

© 2016 Healthplus Clinics Ltd. All rights reserved. This information (or any part thereof) may not be produced, transmitted or stored in any form without prior permission.

* Waddell G, Burton A K. Occupational Health Guidelines for the Management of Low Back Pain at Work. 2nd Edition (2004) ISBN 0-443-07227-2

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